The Smartest Professional Solution for all of your Birds Problems

Technology Advantages

• Luxurious design that fits any surface.
• Environmental bird control solution.
• Easy installation plug n' play kit.
• No need for special tools or skills to install it.
• Solar powered solution works for 61 hours without sunlight charge.
• Suitable for any surface.
• Reliable product and cost effective.
• Exclusively manufactured by Magnor in Israel.
• 15years of experience and consistently improving our product.
• QC certified ISO 9001:2008.
• 100% success in solving your bird control problem.

BirdLine Pro Overview

The BirdLine Pro is a revolutionizing bird control hi-tech solution.
It consists of two main parts: a solar box and a BirdLine stripe.
The solar box generates harmless electric pulses to the BirdLine stripe that result in
scaring the birds away and back to nature.