About Magnor

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Our journey began in 2011, when we decided to use our years of experience in technology and innovation to change lives. Today, Magnor Electronic Pest Control Ltd is Israel’s #1 manufacturer, supplier, and installer of advanced pest and bird control systems. We empower consumers with the power of humanity, leaving outdated, cruel alternatives in the past. Our 100% humane solutions are proven to be highly effective at keeping pests at bay.


We are passionate about using technology to make a difference, and we’re always searching for new ways to improve our customers’ lives worldwide. As an industry innovator, Magnor was the first company in Israel to touch the field of electronic pest control. Today, we collaborate and cooperate with various industries to deliver outstanding products, including the military, food businesses, telecommunications, computers, electrical, and beyond.


Magnor is proud to be bringing its advanced Israeli technology to the world, from the U.S and beyond. Our high global success rate and track record speaks for itself, and we look forward to growing more with our customers by our side.


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