How it works


The Birdline-Pro is an innovative electronic bird control solution to repel birds from chosen areas. The system is composed from high end conductors and  UV resistant transparent strips that are designed to work under extreme weather conditions, and another layer of plastic material to ensure full insulation from the gluing surface. On the top of the Birdline-Pro two tin coated conductors are sewn to protect it from corrosion and weather hazards.

The pressure strip is connected to a solar power source with the possibility of electrical connection. The solar birdline pro unit operates the strip and releases harmless electrical pulses that condition pigeons not to land on the strips permanently.

The birdline pro solar box  is controlled by a smart electric CPU. The CPU controls the voltage structure, intensity and frequency of the pulse, as well as its automatically adaptation to varying conditions such as humidity, day and night, etc.

The pulse rate varies randomly such that it teaches the pigeons and birds to stay away. Pigeons and birds have episodic-like memory for locations. The pulse conditions the pigeon to deter from returning to that area by classifying it as hostile and unpleasant.

The bird deterrent system is suitable for all types of roofs, window sills, balconies, concealed air conditioning, warehouses, solar systems, etc.



Benefits of the system:

  • The bird and pigeon repelling system operates using only electric and electronic elements, without spreading toxins. Killing pests harm humans, and the first victims are children and domestic animals.
  • No need to glue bird spikes: pigeons and birds are stubborn creatures that will land and rest on top of bird spikes even if it hurts them.
  • No nets: it is impossible to use nets in places such as roofs, pergolas, etc.
  • The electric and electronic deterrent system is designed to be in service for many years and offers clients a long term solution for their pigeon and birds problems:
    • Transparent and aesthetic appearance, can be adjusted to the surface in which it is placed.
    • Easy and simple for everyone to use and install – plug & play
    • Operates on solar energy, no need for permanent electrical outlet.
    • Suitable for all surfaces.
    • Complete solution to your pigeon problems.


Technical specifications:

  • Full solar operation – can also be connected to the voltage via USB cable
  • Command and control unit: birdline-pro solar box
  • Pulse control indication
  • Malfunction indicator lamp
  • Ion battery
  • Identification indicators lamp
  • Moisture sensor
  • Pulse control sensor – indication lamp that can be installed anywhere along the strip
  • Malfunction control sensor
  • Pressure strips


  • PVC and UV resistant strip
  • Tin coated and weather resistant conductive strip
  • Weather resistant designated PVC connectors with aluminum